Parallels Plesk Panel- it is the leading hosting automatization control panel. Offering easily to use interface and role of a set which considers all of the users group needs, Parallels Plesk will help you to start your business in the shortest time.

Parallels Plesk Panel offers easily acquiring interface, saving the simplicity of the appearance. The control panel has a simple navigation system which allows to find and do even the most laborious tasks fast and effective.

This is only control panel which makes hundreds of attachments available for your final users.

Parallels Plesk Panel let you to reduce the expenditure of exploitation because the clients can work independently. The automatic update of key mechanism, automatic update program, migration manager and operative installation threw web interface guarantees that you won’t have to spend hours for phone support.


Plesk Web Admin Edition
  • 1 month 11.00 €
  • 1 year 108.00 €
10 Domains
Plesk Web Pro Edition
  • 1 month 13.00 €
  • 1 year 132.00 €
30 domains
Developer Pack
Subscription Management
Account Management
Plesk Web Host Edition
  • 1 month 21.00 €
  • 1 year 216.00 €
Unlimited domains
Developer pack
Plan management
Account management
Reseller management
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